NuVet Labs makes the most amazing products for your pets (dogs and cats)!I have used NuVet plus on my dog for allergies. He was on prednisone on and off for years, then I found NuVet Plus! After 3 months on NuVet Plus, Hunter not only never had to go back on prednisone but his physical abilities improved vastly. He was able to jump up into the truck again and was much more active. These products help so many issues, plus it's a great product to prevent future problems. I have offered these products to my clients to try on their pets and they rave about it! I've actually received hugs and many thank you's for telling about the NuVet products. There is also NuJoint that works fantastic too. Give it a try. You won't be sorry. Plus they have a 60 Day money back guarantee! 

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