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Obedience Training isn't just for puppies!  Adopted dogs of any age can benefit from an obedience course.  It will help create a bond between owner and pet making the transition easier for both of you.  It may take up to one year for an adopted dog to adjust to their new home. 

Older dogs, who seem to be getting a little too comfortable with life, example: selective hearing, will benefit from a class and get some exercise at the same time.  

The obedience courses are for basic commands: sit, down, heeling (controlled walking on a leash) stays and start to teach the dogs to come when called.  Socializing, in a controlled environment, is also very important for pups and adults.  I'll help with other problems such as: barking, jumping, house training, chewing, etc...  My goal for each class is to make each owner able to handle/control their dogs in any situation and for the dogs to become a member of the family you look forward to spending with!

Courses are one day a week for six weeks.

Behavior issues, many times, may be helped with an obedience class.  Learning the basic commands will let your dog know who the leader of the pack is. While obedience is important, equally as important is exercise and socialization of your dog.  For many dogs exercise may consist of a couple 15 - 20 minute walks a day, which may not be enough to curb anxiety, boredom and aggression issues.  If these problems are left to "handle themselves" will only get worse and may result in injury to people and/or other animals.  Adapting to the problem isn't the answer either.  The longer the problem exists, the more difficult it is to stop.

Dealing with these issues head on may take time but in the long run you will have a happier family life together.  I offer private help to those with serious issues.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or more information by email: sweetpet@sweetpet.biz or call 603-755-9228